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About The Sports Surgeon

Twenty five years in the business of handicapping sports with a consistency that is unmatched. We may not win every day or every week, but we win every season! If you’re tired of paying your man and losing, then come aboard with us. It will be the best decision of your sports betting career. My team and I have seen many so called “handicappers” move on, never to be heard from again. That’s because this is a very tough business, that takes a lot of hard work, like a “surgeon”. You have to be precise as well and prepare for all possibilities. We’ve never wavered, we just make money every year with our handicapping and sports picks.

Sports Picks

Our Picks

We pride ourselves on being smart. We don’t pick every game and if we don’t have an advantage, we don’t release a selection. That’s the mark of a real Sports Handicapper. As simple as that sounds, if we stick to that principle we make money. Many sports bettors can’t do this, in fact almost all can’t. Typically we will release 1 – 3 plays daily, sometimes more. But we never release a pick just because there is a game that day. Sometimes the best decision is “passing” on a game, to live another day. Protect that bankroll!

If you are tired of losing from making your own picks then get on the winning side. You may be scouring Twitter or websites for free picks – there is no accountability with these selections. When you lose with them, who covers that loss – YOU not the so-called handicapper. Make the SMALL investment, you won’t be sorry! Besides winning, you will learn about picking games and handicapping from us. We use a combination of multiple factors in a truly unique handicapping system, which has been proven to produce winners over the long haul.


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