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I’m happy to discuss handicapping with you. This includes reasons for selections and what goes into the thought process on making a pick. We’re in this together as we bet all of our own games so we all want to WIN!


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NBA, MLB or NFL we have you covered. Occassionally we will have NHL plays as well. But our real specialty is the NCAA – we consistently have won over 61.7 % percent of our college football picks over the last 7 years, which is unmatched. We have won money in each of those seasons, a $100 bettor on average winning over $4000, a pretty nice profit while enjoying the games. We also crush NCAA basketball, and have never lost a NCAA tournament, ever!!





Quality Control


We keep accurate statistics of our picks and never ever chase. We don’t win every day, as no one does. But we’re always honest with you and and how we truly do. 



We offer an open minded approach to sports betting. It’s not just trends, history, players, injuries, pressure, turmoil, motivation, etc. Rather it’s everything. We take that outlook on our gambling selections and throw in some common sense as well.